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Flock to the Fairgrounds

Flock to the Fairgrounds is a public art project designed to celebrate 175 years of Canfield Fair traditions, promote the arts, and raise money for the Canfield Fair Foundation. Modeled after similar endeavors in other cities, such as Chicago’s Cows on Parade,Youngstown State University’s Penguin Parade, and Warren’s Goddess of Speed statues.

The project, will ultimately place six-foot tall rooster sculptures in strategic public locations throughout the Mahoning Valley. But before their public personas are displayed, the roosters will undergo dramatic transformations at the hands of select area artists.

The finished flock will make its debut at the 175th Canfield Fair September 1-6, 2021. After that, the individual roosters will be moved to their strategic locations for public display through October 2021. The flock will be united one last time – at a live auction in November 2021.

A limited number of roosters are available for sponsorship. Artists applications are now open. If you have any questions about becoming an artist or a sponsor please see the links below or email: marketing@canfieldfair.com

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